Send or return your parcel?

Save time and money with the best option in the country «Päckli Punkt»

Pick «PICK UP»

SO CLOSE When you place an order, you will be given the option to choose one of the 500 Swiss Päckli points to which the parcel will be delivered.
SO FAST Your shipment will be ready for you the next morning in the Päckli point of your choice.
SO SURE With an SMS or e-mail you will be informed immediately as soon as your parcel has arrived at the Päckli point of your choice. This contains a pick-up code, which allows you to pick up. At the pick-up point, you name the pick-up code and accept your parcel.
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Returns «DROP OFF»

SO CLEVER With Päckli Punkt, you can return packages to your retailer at low cost and with little time.
SO EASY At Päckli point you can also leave your package after the end of the day or at the weekend. Whether you're at home or from your workplace, one of the acceptance points (k kiosk, avec, press & books, naville shops, relay) is certainly close to you.
SO CHEAP You benefit from long opening times in over 1,000 acceptance points on Monday - Sunday and save money with the Swiss-wide deepest return price of CHF 4.50.
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